With over 17 years of IT consulting and engineering experience, we have a deep understanding of the kinds of questions you have about IT. How can I bring more efficiency to my business? What do I need to do to be sure my network is secure? How do I prevent hackers or keep up with compliance and regulation?

Because we serve small and medium-sized business (SMB’s), we can help you answer each of those questions. We provide the solutions that you need, with a complete menu of IT services. We know you also need value and flexibility, along with professional, reliable service.

While our UTOT team has extensive experience, we’re also committed to our clients. You come first. Our dedicated team provides you with exceptional and unlimited IT services, and we’re available to you 24/7 every single day. That kind of commitment is why we’re one of the industry’s best IT companies. So much so, that nearly 90% of our new business comes from word of mouth and referral from other businesses.

Managed Services

Managed Services

UpTime OnTime, Inc. (UTOT) offers a comprehensive, affordable portfolio of managed services for small businesses. Using UTOT managed IT services means you no longer have to worry about monitoring and taking care of IT needs and problems. We take care of your system maintenance 24/7, 365 days a year, so that you can spend time on other priorities, such as driving your business to the next level.

Cloud-based Backups

UTOT offers a cloud-based solution for your small- or mid-sized business, boosting connectivity and efficiency organization-wide. With cloud-based backups, employees can share documents, collaborate worldwide and increase mobility, because they can access information from anywhere they have an internet connection. That results in saved time and increased productivity.

The associated flexibility and cost savings from decreasing your IT requirements by moving to the cloud extend across your business. Bottom line: when you use cloud-based backup for your business, you’re ensuring business productivity.

In addition, cloud-based backups play critical roles in disaster recovery efforts, provide centralized data management, securely store documents and eliminate storage silos.

Our cloud-based backups:

  • Protect your servers and everything on them.
  • Back up both to on-premises servers and the cloud.
  • Recover a complete system, individual files or application data within seconds.
  • Detect blocks and reverse suspicious changes to data, backup files and backup agents.
  • Scale protection as your business grows.

Bring efficiency to your business. Let our experts design a cloud-based backup that protects your organization and its information.

Patch Management Strategy

UTOT experts can implement a patch management strategy for your business, whether small or mid-sized. This means that we track upgrades and changes to your system. We acquire, test and install code changes and make updates, which is critical to protect your system from hackers and to address any other vulnerabilities.

Creating a patch management strategy is complex and time-consuming for many businesses. Patches must be applied properly to avoid unintended consequences such as shutting down a system. Applying patches can also gobble up time, as they must be tested, deployed and documented.

Our cloud-based services offer:

• Automated patching of Microsoft servers, workstations and third-party applications.
• Patch management, problem diagnosis and repair for Microsoft products.
• Integration with SCCM.
• Tracking patch statuses and vulnerabilities of all Microsoft and other third-party applications.
• Researching, scripting, packaging and testing patches for 3rd-party applications.

Reduce your risk while you save time and resources. Let UTOT take care of your patch management strategy.

Spam Filtering

We understand that our client’s have better things to do than try to manage spam detection. If someone at your business opens one malicious spam message, the consequences can range from exposing critical information to shutting down your whole network.

The cloud-based spam filtering services at UTOT provide you with reliable, secure spam filtering to combat phishing, viruses and spyware. In addition to protecting your network from malicious attacks, we filter spam that takes up huge amounts of server space.

UTOT spam filtering includes the following:
• Anti-virus engines
• Real-time threat detection
• Spam fingerprinting
• Enhanced filtering
• Blacklisting, whitelisting and quarantining
• Only $2/per account per/month

Opt out of trying to manage pesky, and potentially dangerous, spam messages, giving yourself and your employees time for higher-value tasks.

Web Filtering

As a small business, you don’t have time or resources to fully manage your network security – you really don’t want to deal with a malware or ransomware attack, which can take down your system entirely. In the case of a severe attack, sometimes the recovery costs can completely disable a business. You also don’t want to have to check on whether employees are abiding by any browsing policies you have in place.

UTOT web filtering adds extra protection to your network and helps ensure employee productivity. Our web filtering service can help:

  • Ensure the safety of your network by detecting malware
  • Improve network performance
  • Monitor bandwidth usage
  • Apply time-based browsing rules
  • Apply web content filtering and internet access policies
  • Protect your business from legal liability
  • Provide centralized web protection

Boost your business productivity while keeping your system safe. Learn more about UTOT web filtering and IT business consulting today.

Monitoring and Alerting

We’ll alert you if something goes wrong or if it has the potential to go wrong. We automatically apply critical patches, fixes and updates to your systems. UTOT managed services also include preventive services such as cloud-based backups, web and spam filtering. We monitor your system round the clock so that it runs smoothly, avoiding unexpected system failure or downtime.

When UTOT manages your IT services, you don’t have to worry about outdated antivirus protection or drive space that is suddenly full. Our expert teams monitor your system constantly, alerting you or reporting back to you to avoid surprises. Our OverWatch technology helps ensure that current issues don’t become devastating future problems.

Tap UTOT for IT and business consulting. We’ll simplify your IT needs with an efficient, effective managed solution tailor-made for you.

What others say about us…

“Our IT environment and productivity has greatly improved since we brought in UTOT and appreciate all their expertise and experience.”

“UTOT has handled all of our IT needs since 2004. Over the years I have worked with multiple IT service companies and have never found any company as knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with as UTOT. We often get sales calls from other IT Service providers and my staff is trained to say “Our needs are taken care of and we won’t consider switching companies at any price.”

“Excellent service, on-time, totally reliable, great personal contact and awesome dedication.”

“Shout out to the entire UTOT team.  I love the way your team is always working new solutions and never seem daunted or stressed. Everyone we work with is client focused and positive. I’m glad we have you steering our IT ship. “

“Just wanted to send a note of appreciate for everything that you do for us. We always want everything immediately and you’re always so on top of things and responsive.”

“We get sales calls every day from other IT companies who would like to take over for UTOT, which is always met by telling them that NEVER going to happen!”