Life Sciences Case Study: Building IT Infrastructure from the Ground Up

IT Infrastructure: Life Sciences Case Study


A new startup in the life sciences industry had secured 175k million in funding and assembled a team of experienced executives, but they needed help building and securing their IT infrastructure. The CEO, who had worked with our team at a previous organization, reached out to us for assistance in designing and setting up their IT Infrastructure.

Our IT Services Director Justine Ulmer recalled, “The CEO called us and said, ‘I trust you. Put together a budget. Let’s build this out right.’ It was really an amazing vote of confidence.”


The client needed to build their business and IT infrastructure from scratch with the intention of rapid growth. They required immediate technology procurement and setup. The CEO insisted on building the network and systems correctly from the start, avoiding a piecemeal approach. However, their explosive growth demanded quick expansion to new spaces.

There was immense pressure to get the technology right due to the high stakes involved, including significant funding and life-saving work. The company’s meeting spaces and technologies were central to their mission.


Although the project wasn’t something our team hadn’t encountered before (this was on a larger scale and larger budget), our team applied our proven method for building reliable network IT systems. We designed the client’s network to support significant growth while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Justine Ulmer stated, “We’ve adopted this same kind of formula for several other life science companies, and they’ve been happy with us. It’s a tight-knit industry, and you had better have proven results to make it in it.”

Even though this particular client did not require a lab, our team—including engineers with science backgrounds—understood the needs and processes of pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

The project also demanded extensive collaboration. Our team worked closely with the startup’s executive team to create the budget and technology plan. We also coordinated with vendors across trades, such as electricians, cable installers, drywallers, space planners, and interior designers.

We began by planning the entire IT budget (in excess of 750k), considering office construction, headcount growth, and financial variables. We tracked progress and changes quarterly while managing various client requests.


Our team meticulously planned the company’s solutions and implemented technologies from our trusted partners. These solutions included:

Networking Solutions

We started with a robust, interoperable network platform. Solution: Cisco Meraki for internal networking, switching, and Wi-Fi, known for its ability to update automatically without disruptions.

Network Security and Cybersecurity Software

We immediately implemented proactive vulnerability scans and penetration testing to ensure security and compliance in conjunction with the best of breed networking infrastructure.

Video Conferencing and Audio-Visual Equipment

Video conferencing is essential for the client’s collaboration with investors and partners. We equipped two conference rooms with conferencing equipment. Solution: Neat conferencing devices, chosen for their one-button ease of use and compatibility with Zoom.


The life sciences company is growing rapidly and ahead of schedule in meeting some of its most ambitious goals. Chris Ulmer, UTOT’s Principal Engineer remarked, “This was a really unique case for us in the sense that we got to go big.”

Our team continues to provide day-to-day support and management for the company. Instead of hiring an internal team, the client opted to retain UTOT’s services due to the effectiveness of our solutions. We also continue to assist the client with their annual budgets.


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